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 Live Channeling Testimonials:


Thank you so much for letting me join the circle last Friday, learn from you, be reminded by you, and receive guidance, instructions and encouragement. The entire experience was very positive for me.


Tamalla was very kind and welcoming, yet professional, explained what we would experience accurately and displayed a lot of poise and endurance during the long channeling session. I felt chills and a strong presence, a strong peace.


ZE-ED began sharing immediately. We need to realize the power in every interaction, every moment and be purposeful.  They said that we are missing a lot in our lives here on earth—choices that we make which can impact our lives positively and joy that is available that we are missing.


ZE-ED went on to answer questions for each person personally.  It was so impressive and endearing to witness how much time ZE-ED took with each person and how deliberately and kindly they explained their guidance and homework.

I asked my question near the end—-I wasn’t sure what to ask—I had one big, general question, or a few more specific ones—I started an inquiry for general guidance and ZE-ED began to offer guidance. The information was primarily affirming for me.  I knew and know I have the knowledge I need—access to the realms outside of the dense life—to apply this wisdom more to my everyday life.  Figuring  that out, but busy life does intervene and it can be hard to stay focused.  It’s a daily practice.

The knowledge and affirmation that ZE-ED provided provide another pool of strength and guidance, when I remember to apply it, by pointing to what I should focus on—spend more energy on myself, honor myself, and that will re-balance and lead me to the next thing. In addition, remembering to be purposeful always and that our energy exchange is also a dna exchange, our output into the world and our decisions and our interactions MATTER and create the life we have on this earth.

Thank you. And Love.  – DJ, Atlanta, Georgia


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