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Understanding and want to remove blocks and restrictions that keep you feeling confused, stuck or frustrated. This helps you stop making the same subconscious choices that keep bringing you the same undesired results.

Certainty in how your own unique creative process works. This gives you the opportunity to understand how you create which allows you to actively create the results you want and to stop creating results you don’t want.

Clarity around who you are at Soul Level, how you were designed and how you work best. This gives you the freedom to exercise your own Divinity in everything you do, making your results more aligned with what you want than ever before.


Check out this video about the Akashic Records:


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You have 2 options, the first is a single session and the Multi Minis have broken the reading in to 2 sessions and 2 payments.

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SOUL PROFILE  multi minis


After you have had your Reading and Clearing and you want to make sure everything cleared, do this Check In:


After your Soul Profile Reading and Clearing then you can choose from any of these readings:







Your business also has it’s own Akashic Records! If you want to make sure that you and your business, marketing, employees, etc are aligned and working optimally or to choose what to focus on, then this Business and Financial Abundance Reading is for you: