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All of my sessions with the Beings that I channel provide actionable, useful information that we can take in to our daily lives. That is my agreement with them!


  • I channel a number of Higher Frequency Guides during live and recorded channeling sessions. Among these Guides are:
    • ZE-ED,  a group of Higher Vibrational Beings who are in charge of universal and individual expansion.
    • Ra-She, a Higher Vibrational Guide who helps provide clarity and broaden understanding. Ra-She sometimes discusses mature subject matter and will on occasion use adult language. Guides do not judge words as positive or negative. They choose them based on who they are talking with. If you use profanity, they will too in order to communicate in your language. They will talk with you the way you talk to yourself in your head.
    • Tall White, a Higher Vibration Feminine Guide who teaches about polarity, sacred individuality and sacred union. Her voice was very soft at times and I had to amplify the recording so it could be heard well, this provided some distortion of the recordings.


  • I channel Archangels Michael and Raphael during private and group channeling sessions.


  • I channel your Akashic Records Guides during your Akashic Records Reading and Clearings and during the intensive Divine Soul Circle Workshops. These are intimate conversations that target your own Soul’s blocks and restrictions, energetic entanglements, as well as, your Soul’s gifts, lessons, specializations and more.

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