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Are you ready to overcome hindering or limiting beliefs? Are you ready to reprogram ingrained emotional responses to those that resonate with and attract your desired results? Do you want the power to fix the problems in your home life,

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I offer personal empowerment through Readings, Trainings/Courses, Workshops, Private and Group Coaching for your Life and Career, as well as, Live and Recorded Channeling with Higher Vibrational Beings.     Check out the different options here:        

Akashic Records Work

If You Are Seeking: Understanding and want to remove blocks and restrictions that keep you feeling confused, stuck or frustrated. This helps you stop making the same subconscious choices that keep bringing you the same undesired results. Certainty in how your own

live channeling

Live Channeling

All of my sessions with the Beings that I channel provide actionable, useful information that we can take in to our daily lives. That is my agreement with them!   I channel a number of Higher Frequency Guides during live


Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

 Soul Profile Reading and Clearing $695.00 Learn who you are at Soul Level. Experience yourself as you were when you were individuated from Source. Discover your Divine Gifts so you can understand how to create more peace, abundance and balance


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